maandag 22 november 2010

Nubar Purple Beach and Chelsea Kaleidoscope


A new week and I´ve got some nice things to show. First of all I´ll start this week with a comparison. Every once in a while I´ll go through my stash to see if I don´t have dupes or colors that are to similar to keep. When I used Chelsea Kaleidoscope a while back it really reminded me of Nubar Purple Beach. And although I didn´t think they would be that close, I thought it was worth doing a comparison.

Here are the pictures:

Well, I was wrong. I have to admit that I´m not even sure which one is the Nubar and which one is the Chelsea. They are not dupes, but they are very very very close! I think middle and pinkie is Nubar Purple Beach and index and ring is Chelsea Kaleidoscope. Both 3 coats. You might not even see the difference in the picture, but the purple in Kaleidoscope is just a little more blue than the purple in Purple Beach.

So I´ve decided one has to go. I mean, I don´t need backups, since I don´t ever see myself finishing a whole bottle of nail polish anyway. Now I have to decide which one has to go, I think it´s going to be the Chelsea, although both apply very well!

Yes, it really is hard to keep my stash below 200... Especially when I secretely have around 40 in my swap drawer, but they really do have to go!! I might put them up for sale on eBay or marketplace all at once. If any of my dear readers is interested, just let me know.

Have a nice day!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. why you wanted one to go??
    the polish is georgeus!!

  2. Well, I don't want to have too many polishes and so if anything is the same as another polish, one has to go.

  3. These are gorgeous! I'd keep the Nubar just because it's Nubar. :)