vrijdag 19 november 2010

China Glaze Channelesque with Essence Louise


Last week I did a mani that I´ve seen on someone else like half a year ago. I don´t remember who it was, sorry. I was wearing China Glaze Channelesque to work, but when I got home I needed some bling on a very windy and rainy day. So that´s when I thought of the great mani I saw six months ago. I pulled out Essence Louise (one of the twin polishes) and layered it over Channelesque. Louise has purple and dark pink glitter in different sizes and shapes. It looks great over the taupe with purple tones of Channelesque!
I think Louise looks like a purple and pink version of China Glaze Party Hearty (which I will be showing you soon)

So, what do you think? Cool isn´t it?!

That´s it for today ladies. Thanks for stopping by!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wowww!!
    I really like this!!
    I also got 3 of the twins haha
    silver, pink, purple!!
    I love it..they are nice for christmas!

    vind dat ze een mooie extra demensie geven aan de nagellak!
    sorry wist niet hoe ik dit in engels moest schrijven haha

  2. Thanks Renate! I would have never thought of using this over a taupe, but I like it a lot!

    You don´t have to reply in english if you don´t want to. But if it´s just one word you don´t know you can always try . I have to use this sometimes as well.