woensdag 20 april 2011

Blue glitter jelly + flakies = awesome!

Hello ladies!

A few days ago I showed you Blue Sapphire by Sephora. After a day I decided I really needed some flakies. Since I hadn´t used them in quite a while, it was about time use one again. I was doubting between a green/blue flakie and a orange/yellow/green flakie. Well, I just love the orange/yellow/green ones, so I decided to use Nfu Oh 38.

Here are the results

Wow, how awesome is it that you can still see the glitter between the flakies?! Great combo in my opinion! Will have to do this with other jelly with glitter polishes soon too.

Thanks for watching!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I've never tried looks cool though! Is it hard??

  2. No, it's very easy. Just polish a coat over your mani and that's it. Removing it can be hard sometimes, but you can just use the foil method :-)

  3. Great combination. The flakies really pop over that blue base.

  4. I love a beautifully layered flakie. This ROCKS! :)