donderdag 28 april 2011

Ozotic Elytra


Today I´m showing you 2 of the 3 from the new Ozotic collection called Elytra. This is one awesome collection!! I think I´m save to say this is the most awesome collection released this year while it´s only april. I´m quite sure no other brand will make a more stunning collection this year.

The Elytra collection exists of 3 duochrome glitter polishes. Yes, that´s right, duochrome glitter!! Can you believe it? Just apply 2 coats of it over a plain black polish and you´ll be amazed by these gorgeous polishes.

The ones I´m showing today are 528 and 529. Since I couldn´t decide which one to wear first, I decided to do 2 of them. I used Zoya Raven as my base.

Bottle shots!

And now lots of pics of these pretties on the nail.

Index and ring = Ozotic 528
Middle and pinkie = Ozotic 529

To get an even better look at these beauties you should really click to enlarge.

Aren´t they amazing? 528 shifts from green, to pink, purple and blue, even some orange. 529 shifts from blue, to pink, purple and orange.
I actually already own quite a few of their multichromes, but this really is unique.

I bought mine at Picture Polish. They are in Australia. The ladies from Picture Polish are so extremely friendly!! Very good customer service! Thanks ladies! Shipping took about a week, so that´s quite fast since they have to travel all the way from Australia.

Of course I´ll show you Ozotic Elytra 530 soon as well.

Have a nice day!

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