dinsdag 26 april 2011

Zoya Apple vs. Zoya Ivanka

Hi ladies!

Of course I know and can see from the bottle that Apple and Ivanka are not dupes. But I just wanted to show you how different they actually are. And of course if you don´t want to buy both of them this might make it easier to decide which one suits you best.

As I told before Apple is really sheer, so for this comparison I even used 4 coats. For Ivanka I used 3.

Just let the pictures do the talking.

In real life there is much more gold sparkle in them but most cameras freak out when they see glitter, haha.

Index and ring = Apple
Middle and pinkie = Ivanka

Which of these 2 is your favorite? I can´t decide and love having both of them :-)

Have a great day!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hmm interesting! I was wondering how these compared to one another. I think in general, I like Ivanka more but I like Apple more for springtime.

  2. I like the look of Apple more, but both of these polishes are on my wishlist and I'd be happy to own both despite the similarities :)

  3. I love Ivanka better, looks great. :-)

  4. Nice comparison! Both are lovely, I'm getting more and more into greens.

  5. Apple is on its way, so I'm really happy to see they're not that close. Both are beautastic! ♥