maandag 18 april 2011

OPI You Don´t Know Jacques suede

Goodmorning ladies!

Todays polish is You Don´t Know Jacques suede by OPI. I just love the suede line because of the quick dry one coat formula. I always grap a suede when I´m in a hurry, although I really don´t like the suede finish, just like I don´t like matte finish. But a coat of topcoat and I´m good to go :-) So that´s what you´ll see in the pictures too.

The original YDKJ is a taupe color, but I would really call this just brown.
The fun thing with suede polishes is that the finish changes so much when you apply topcoat, it´s almost foil like, which you will also notice when you remove it. You´ll see a silver layer underneath the brown polish.
So for me YDKJ suede + TC = brown foil

Here are my pics

Excuse the tipwear, these were taken on day 3. My other hand actually had a chip after 1 day already, which I never had with any other polish before.

Enjoy your day!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It does look more better with a top coat, goshh I can't believe that is after 3 days! (:

  2. pretty color and suedes are awesome with a top coat, good choice!