zondag 10 april 2011

Introducing Teeez week: day 1

Hi ladies

A while ago I found out about a dutch brand that I hadn´t seen before. Back then I bought just 2, but in the meantime I got few more. Since I think it´s fun to promote a dutch brand, I decided to do a whole week of Teeez polishes. Today I´ll start with day 1 and that includes all the 6 colors I own on a nailwheel. And the rest of the week I will be reviewing all the colors one by one.

 left to right: Femme Fatale, Outta Control 05, Outta Control 01, Cool, Free, Gutsy

No idea why some of the pictures turned around :S

As you can see, some have the same name. In fact, I also saw another Cool and another Femme Fatale that were totally different from the ones I´ve shown here. They have the same color but a completely different finish. Strange!

Hope you are excited about a Teeez week too and to see you all back here the rest of the week for the swatches.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Can't wait, that purple and blue glittery colors are gorgeous (:

  2. OMG, I must have the purple & blue holo, can you provide the link to website where you got the polishes from please? Thanks for posting, great polishes!!

  3. Love free... I wish they had these in the states!

  4. Oeh, I have Outta Control (01) on my nails today, so I'll be posting some Teeez too this week. =)
    Love Teeez! ♥

  5. @ Forever ´92
    Yes, those 2 are awesome!

    @ jazzqueen64
    I´m afraid they are only sold in shops and since some of them were on sale, I guess those colors might even get discontinued too (not sure, just a guess)

    @ Nicole

    @ Manicured Monkey
    I can imagine, I feel that way all the time about polishes that are not sold here (which are quite a few brands)

    @ AG
    Fun! We share a Teeez week ;-)