vrijdag 1 april 2011

OPI Not Like The Movies


Happy April Fools Day! And that brings me straight to todays polish... I feel like I got fooled.I´ve heard there are 2 versions of Not Like The Movies. No idea which version this is, haha. It doesn´t have a real good duochrome, it is silver in some lights and some sort of green in other light, but it´s not different when you move your hand around. My version does have the silver glitter in it, which is pretty nice. But the non duochrome wasn´t supposed to have the glitter right? So is there a 3rd version? 
Application was ok, not great, and it needed 3 coats, but could have used a 4th coat. And it has some visible brush strokes. I don´t think I´m all that excited about this one.

Here are some pictures.

I´m surprised to see some lilac in the 3rd picture... my camera seemed to have catched something I didn´t see.

What do you think of this shade?

Thanks for watching!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. i have the dud too. mine has a lot of the glitter which is not the case in the initial swatches. and the duochrome isnt that strong but yes the lilac u see in urs, should be pretty visible on ur nails :D

  2. Didn't know there were two versions of this one... I think it's not really my color, though it still looks pretty!

  3. @ Jamie K.
    Don't you feel fooled you got the dud version too? I mean, it's not what I wanted or expected...

    @ Manicured Monkey
    Thanks! There's more color shifting in the pictures than there was irl, hahaha

    @ TheNailAddict
    I didn't know either, I found out after I ordered this. I think it's an ok color, but also not my color. Should do a blogsale soon, this would fit in there perfectly :D

  4. Can understand that you feel fooled, I'd feel that way too! Not my kinda color either, but you captured the colors well :)