zaterdag 16 april 2011

Teeez week day 7: Gutsy

Hi ladies!

This is the last day of Teeez week, I hope you´ve all enjoyed it. I certainly did! I think it´s nice to show you a great dutch brand for a change. And the formula and application were very good! Hope they will bring out more great colors in the future.

The last one I´ve got for you is Gutsy. Difficult to describe! It´s a foily like polish with charcoal and copper and silver. Sounds awesome right?! Well, it is :-)

2 coats in the pics. Also good application.

It´s actually a bit lighter than the pictures show. A very cool color! Do you like it? I think you should enlarge the first picture after the bottle pic, that shows how awesome it is.

Have a nice weekend!

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