donderdag 7 april 2011

Claire´s Poison Apple

Hi ladies!

How are you all doing?

Today´s polish is Claire´s Poison Apple. Eventhough it has colors I usually don´t wear at all, I really like this one! It´s probably because it is a duochrome and a foil, 2 finishes I really love.
Poison Apple shifts from red to orange and magenta. Well, it just is quite awesome!

It is quite sheer though. After the first coat I wasn´t sure it would become opaque at all. But after the second layer it got a lot better already. And with 3 coats it was totally opaque. I think you can also use this as a layering polish.
Application was just fine, Claire´s isn´t that bad.

On to the pics.

What do you say guys, hot or not?

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11 opmerkingen:

  1. Love it! I own it but haven't tried it out yet XP Maybe I will now :D

  2. Claire's?? WOAHH I didn't know Claire's has such cute nail polishes, can you show the bottle??

    WOW so beautiful and amazing.. I gotta go to Claire's! (:

  3. I had a claires polish when I was 13 lol Maybe I'll have to go back and try these out!!

  4. I just picked this one up over the weekend and have it on my nails:) LOVE it! Also picked up Venemous and Evil Queen, but Poison Apple is the nicest in their little collection. They were on for $2.50 each, too!

  5. @ Melanie
    You should definitely try it soon, it´s pretty!

    @ Forever´92
    Yes, get over there and look at their awesome polishes! Here in the Netherlands they don´t sell awesome Claire´s at all, so I bought it online. Will make a bottle pic soon.

    @ KatXoXo
    Yes, you should! They have some pretty awesome stuff.

    @ Lindsey R
    Unfortunately it was a bit more expensive for me, since I had to buy online and pay for shipping from the US to the Netherlands, but I´m still very happy with it!
    How´s Evil Queen? I do already have Venomous, EQ is the only one missing now.

  6. duechrome and foil is amazing! great color!

  7. So pretty! It reminds me of MAC bad fairy

  8. I bought this to send to someone else. I had no idea it was this beautiful on the nail. Lovely!

  9. So lovely color ;)

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  10. I like this color a lot! Very pretty. :)