zaterdag 30 april 2011

China Glaze Grape Crush vs Precision Twilight


Happy Queensday for all my dutch readers! Unfortunately I have to work all day.

And since you´ll be seeing a lot of orange today on dutch nail blogs, I decided to do something else (also because I just don´t own any orange polish, because I really dislike it)

Yes, it´s time for another comparison. I showed you Grape Crush a few days ago. And I´ve also showed you Precision Twilight a while ago. I got Twilight from Cat and she said it was really close to Grape Crush. So of course I was really happy with it!! And now I own both, so I can make a comparison.

They are both purple and both have holographic microglitter. I used 3 coats of each of them and application was just fine on both.

Index + ring = Twilight
Middle + pinkie = Grape Crush

As you can see they are not dupes, but they are really close. Grape Crush is a little more blue toned. But for the girls who can´t get their hands on Grape Crush I think Twilight would be a nice substitute. Just google it, I think it´s not difficult to find an online store that sells them.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thx for sharing! I don't think I'll ever have Grape Crush but already have Twilight so its nice to know that they are close anyway!