zaterdag 9 april 2011

Icing Bedazzled

Hi ladies!

Today I´ve got an Icing polish which I really like! This is a glitter polish which is mostly bright blue glitter with some purple glitter in it as well. Normally I don´t even like bright blue too much.
There are a lot of purple and blue glitters on the market, almost every brand has one, but I usually don´t like them. That´s because most of them are meant to be a topcoat or the glitter is just too big. I actually have had quite a few of them, but never really liked any of them. But this Icing Bedazzled is quite awesome! The glitter isn´t all too gritty or huge, it´s not quite a microglitter either, but just really nice. I accidentely bought its dupe from Claire´s too, that´s called Mystical. Since I really don´t need dupes in my stash, I´ve placed it in my blog sale page.

Application was fine. The first coat was kind of strange, but from the second coat on it went fine. The only strange thing is that it dried sort of matte. Well, at least I think that´s strange for a glitter. But nothing a topcoat can´t fix.

Here is 3 coats of Bedazzled + topcoat.

You see how sparkly this is? Beauty!

These are actually the first pics taken with my new phone :-) It´s such an awesome phone, the Samsung Galaxy S. I had some difficulty first with shooting normal pics, but I think in the end it turned out just fine. Since the phone is a bit bigger as I´m used to and also is completely touchscreen, I had some trouble keeping it steady. I hope I´ll learn to handle it a bit better soon.

Enjoy your day!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Such a cute mani the blue & purple glitter is amazing, I picked up some Icing nail polishes the other day (:

    oooo Thats a pretty good pic for a phone!

  2. Love the combination between blue and purple glitters! So beautiful :)

  3. I like blue and this one is very interesting!