woensdag 6 april 2011

Zoya Charla


It was about time I made my nails short again, so I did. The color I´m showing today just looks better on short nails in my opinion. I used 2 coats. On longer nails you definitely need 3. I should have actually used 3 too, you can see some vnl in some pictures. But I was lazy, haha.

Well, here we go: the famous lady Charla by Zoya

I don´t have to tell you about all her dupes, but I am going to... :P There are at least 6 brands who have a shade exactly like this: OPI, Accessorize, Essence, Jesse´s Girl, Orly and of course Zoya. Zoya was the first one I think, although I´m not completely sure.
This color just screams summer, exactly what I want. I really need a long, hot summer :-) Love summer!
Enjoy your day!


5 opmerkingen:

  1. That is gorgeous! Now if only the summery weather could arrive too! Xxx

  2. I have the essence dupe, love it!

  3. Pretty!! It looks good with your skin tone (:

  4. @ hannah
    Yes, it's really time for summer!

    @beauty addict
    You were smarter than me and bought the cheap version. I should have beem more patient too

    @ forever92
    Thank you, very sweet of you!

  5. oo I love that!! So much glitter!! I'm loving glitter nail polish right now!!