zondag 7 augustus 2011

BB Couture Adam

Hi ladies!

How are you all doing?
Today I've got a polish for you that is pretty nice. But I must admit I was expecting a little more from this. BB Couture in my opinion makes the shimmers just a little less visible than how I like it. That's the exact reason why I was a little disappointed.

This is a nice brown shade with a red shimmer. In the sun you can definitely see it's there, but only in direct sunlight. Application was good as always with BB Couture! And totally opaque with 2 coats. Very nice!

Let's take a look at the pictures.

You see, it's not spactacular. Some might say it is, but not me.

No idea why the first picture got turned around :S I tried to fix it many times, but it did not want to cooperate with me.

Thanks for watching!

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