zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

What collections are you looking forward to the most?? Here are some of mine

Goodmorning ladies!

Today I decided to show you what collections I´m looking forward to the most. And of course I´m really curious what you are all looking forward to.

Here´s my list:

Orly Holiday Soiree

Orly Mineral FX

OPI new Designer Series

OPI Holiday Muppets

Color Club Backstage Pass

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe

Essie Luxeffects

China Glaze Let It Snow

Well, that´s a whole lot of glitters :-) I´m not sure yet which ones are the lucky polishes that get a new home in my Helmer, but I´m sure it´s going to be quite a lot.

Unfortunately it seems Orly has made quite some dupes... Here´s a list of what I THINK might be dupes:

Orly Fowl Play (Birds of a Feather collection) = OPI Merry Midnight
Orly Rococo A-Go-Go (Mineral FX collection) = Zoya Valerie
Orly Igenue (Holiday Soiree collection) = Orly Rock The World (Mineral FX collection) = Zoya Faye = OPI Rally Pretty Pink
Orly Oui (Holiday Soiree collection) = OPI It´s My Year

So what´s your favorite collection that´s coming up?

Thanks for watching!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I am really really looking forward to OPI Muppets, China Glaze Let it Snow, Marilyn Monroe inspired glitters, Electro Pop and Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe.

    I know what you mean about Orly dupes, I compared the Birds of a Feather collection on my blog and all but Peachy Keen had a dupe!

  2. I'm looking forward to ORLY Birds of a Feather (don't have the OPI dupe) and the Essie collection-- the gold and the flakie especially:)

  3. @ Jaztee
    I really don´t like it when companies make the same polish. Especially not when they are made in the same year. With Orly Fowl Play they did something very smart though. Make a very wanted polish that is sold out for ages already. That´s what they should all do. (still hoping for Liquid Euphoria and Clarins 230)

    @ Lindsey R
    Yes, get the Merry Midnight dupe while you can. It´s awesome!