vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

Nfu Oh 51 over Claire´s Magic: Mirannie´s Nails 1 year blog-anniversary

Goodmorning ladies!

It´s my 1 year blog-anniversay!! Yay! I never guessed I would have kept doing this for such a long time. Well, for me it´s a long time :-P And I have to say I really enjoy doing it too! It has been hard the past few months, since my laptop had died a little and so I had to do all my posts from my phone. And I can tell you, it´s not that easy. But my laptop is back to life so I´m good to go again! And about at the same time my laptop was working again, my phone crashed. So now I´m using my old phone again for the pictures.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to show you my favorite polish again, since we´ve got something to celebrate. So I pulled out Nfu Oh 51. I layered 1 coat over 2 coats of Claire´s Magic which is the perfect combination. It´s even more beautiful than using 51 on its own. I can´t keep my eyes of my nails, so pretty!!

Of course I should do something like a giveaway for my anniversary, but I´m still working on that. It is coming soon, I promise!

Ok, one bonus pic of Claire's Magic on its own (should have made a better one :S)

Thanks for stopping by! And a special thanks to all my followers over the past year!!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Grats with your blogiversary! And gorgeous combo :)

  2. Happy Blogiversary! 51 is amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  3. Ohhh happy blogiversary!!!
    Got to love flakies, can spicy up any polish.

    By the way, gave you an award on my blog. :)

  4. Congrats Nice combination I love it :)

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS. Happy blogiversary!! =D