woensdag 17 augustus 2011

China Glaze Skyscraper


A new collection for fall from China Glaze. Since you all know I´m not a huge fan of cremes, you won´t be surprised to read that I wasn´t all that excited about this collection at first. I thought it was going to be only cremes. But lucky me, it has some very nice other polishes too.

From the moment I saw todays polish on a swatch, I was in love! What a gorgeous blue shade! It´s a blue and silver glitter. In some lights it seems to have some purple as well and because of that it reminded me a bit of Chi Chi Moondust.

Application wasn´t that easy. The polish is a bit thick. I think I will use some thinner next time. For now I just shook it after 5 nails. With 2 coats it was quite alright, but I used a third coat and that made it even more beautiful.

I really like it when polishes don´t look boring in the shade. This one almost looks like a foil in the shade as you can see in the last pic, awesome!

The wear was actually pretty good, after 3 full days I still only had very little tipwear on just 2 nails. It would probably last longer, but hey, I´ve got a huge stash, so after 3 days I wanted something else :P

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  1. I`m in love with this!! It`s like looking at a stary night lol!!