vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Kleancolor Winter Wishes

Hello ladies!

For today I chose a polish which I think I´ve never seen a swatch from before. That also means that I bought this one without knowing what to expect exactly. That´s the fun part of buying cheap polish. For only $1,75 a piece at Beauty Joint you can try Kleancolor polishes. With more expensive polish I definitely need to see a few swatches before I buy it, but with these prices I´m willing to take a chance and see if it´s a cool polish.

Well, this one actually is a winner! It really is awesome! It´s a silver and very sparkly polish with multicolored glitter. At first I thought it might be a dupe for Picture Polish Sparkle, but it´s not. Sparkle is a lot less shiny and also the formula is more opaque, which make the glitter less visible. Winter Wishes is really sheer, but it needs to be for the glitter. After 3 coats I can still see through my nails when I hold them up into the light. But I´m ok with that, because it´s such a nice color.

Application was ok, although mine has kind of a wonky brush (which I don´t have with my other Kleancolors, it´s just a bit of bad luck) but I could handle it ok. I´ve read about long drying time on Kleancolor, which had not happened to me before, but with this one it actually did take hours (eventhough I used my super fast dry China Glaze Fast Forward).

Well, here´s the picture. Yes, just one. Couldn´t find more decent pics in the (at least) 20 I made, haha.

Do you ever buy polishes that look nice in the bottle although you haven´t seen swatches of it yet? I love it, although sometimes it turns out to be a bit of a disappointment. But again, this one is great!

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