zondag 21 augustus 2011

Sally Hansen Earthen Opal

Hi ladies!

Some time ago I saw swatches of a lot of Sally Hansen Opals. Earthen Opal looked soooo awesome so I ordered it from eBay right away. It had the most amazing duochrome. But in real life it isn´t that duochrome-y. It´s not like you see more than 1 color at the same time. Maybe I got a bad bottle. Sure, it has more than one color, but never visible at the same time. In some lights its purple, in other lights it´s a bronze-y kind of brown. It´s nice, but not as great as I expected.

For my base I used one coat of Zoya Raven. And then I used one coat of Earthen Opal. As you can see I did a crappy job with the application, but that was only because it was almost dark when I was applying this. Sorry.

Do you have any Opals? And are they more duochrome than mine? I´m really wondering if I got a dud...

Have a great day!

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  1. I have a hard time finding Opal`s I like. I have one that`s okay but nothing too spectacular!