donderdag 25 augustus 2011

NYX Aqua Glitter over OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue


A very nice layering combo is what I have for you today. I totally adore both polishes! Yoga-ta Get This blue was one of my first polishes. And still the most pretty dark blue shimmer I own. What I like most is that eventhough it´s dark, it never looks black.
NYX Aqua Glitter is a polish I didn´t buy with my first purchase at Beautyjoint. But now I´ve got it, I really don´t get why I hesitated. Damn, this is pretty!! It has an aqua very sheer base with a blue/green duochrome glitter. It shifts from a very bright blue (almost violet) to teal green. It´s so sparkly and gives so much extra dept to Yoga-ta Get This Blue.

I used 2 thin coats of the OPI and 1 thick coat of the NYX. Both had great application. And totally not gritty or anything. Drying time was fast too.

I was so excited to show you this from the moment I applied it, but unfortunately it was hard to capture the glitter and its duochrome and the dept.... *sigh*... But still, I really love this combo! It´s so pretty! I can´t wait to try this over a nice dark purple, that might give an awesome effect as well I think.

Hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for visiting!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this nails.
    i had polish like this, but it was polish with glitter.

  2. Thanks ladies! I just wish you would see the duochrome in the glitter better than you do on my pics.