vrijdag 3 december 2010

Warning: PIC HEAVY! Comparison between Ozotic en Sally Hansen Prisms


Today I have a very PIC HEAVY post. So let´s get started right away. But first I want to say that all these swatches are one coat of Nubar Noir and one coat of the Sally Hansen or Ozotic.

First up is Ozotic 505, Ozotic 506 and Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis

Index and pinkie = Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis
Middle = Ozotic 505
Ring = Ozotic 506
In th first 3 pictures you´d say they are all dupes, but in the last picture you can see that Ozotic 505 has a green flash as well, which the other two don´t have. Garnet Lapis and Ozotic 506 are definitely dupes.

Next up is Ozotic 502 and Sally Hansen Amber Ruby

Index and ring = Sally Hansen Amber Ruby
Middle and pinkie = Ozotic 502
Well, definitely not dupes. They do have the same sort of colors though, but 502 is a lot darker. Have swatched 502 without black before and than I think it´s closer to Amber Ruby over black.
I love the variety in colors when light hits it from different angles. And look at the stunning gold when light hits it directly.

And the last one features Ozotic 504, Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid and Sally Hansen Ruby Sapphire

Index and pinkie = Ozotic 504
Middle = Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid
Ring = Sally Hansen Ruby Sapphire
They look quite similar in my pictures, but are definitely different. Burgundy Orchid is definitely the brightest color. And both Sally Hansens have more pink while Ozotic 504 is more leaning towards purple.

I can´t really pick a favorite, I just love duochromes, can´t help it.

Thanks for watching!

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