zaterdag 4 december 2010

China Glaze Stellar


Today I´ve got something for you that most of you probably don´t expect to see on my nails. The ladies that visit my blog frequently know I don´t like nudes, but the one I´m showing today is really in the categorie nude, well, at least in my opinion. It has glitters too though. That´s probably why I do like it.

This is 3 coats of China Glaze Stellar (not the same as Stella, which is purple) in daylight

It looks a little gold in these pictures. But it really is nude with silver glitter. Probably the most work appropriate color I own.

But after work I needed to spice it up a little. I mean after wearing a nude color for 20 hours or so, it really was enough! So I was looking through my flakies and glitter to see which one I hadn´t used yet. And I found Nfu Oh 49 still waiting there to be used. Nfu Oh 49 is a very sheer pink jelly base with yellow/orange/red/green flakies. If you would layer this over black, it´s the same as Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Nubar 2010, Nfu Oh 38 and Gosh Rainbow. But since I layered it over a nude, you can see some of the pinkish base.

Nice! Do you like it too? Of course I couldn´t resist doing something with flakies, as always... sorry.

Well, tomorrow I´ve got one my long time lemmings for you. It´s amazing! So make sure you don´t miss it.

Take care!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. wauwww!!
    ik vind ze alle2 heel erg mooi!!
    vooral de laatste...wat flakies al niet doet he!!

  2. I like it better without the flakes, looks great on you! Something else for a change =)

  3. Oh, I'm very very curious about your long time lemming!! Clarins 230? :P

  4. Thank you all ladies!!

    @ AmyGrace
    Nope, hahaha, as if I could get my hands on that for a reasonable price. It´s actually one that became a lemming thanks to you :D

  5. A new lemming has been born! I prefer nudes with sparkle too. That's why All Hail McQueen has become a new favorite.

  6. @ NailbyLaura
    Volgens mij kun je 'm nog steeds gewoon op transdesign bestellen :)

    @ faerieberry
    LOL! Go get it lady! Must admit I'm not a huge fan of holo nudes. But I am still looking for an "underwear" nude that's opaque in just one coat