woensdag 8 december 2010

Orly Witch´s Blue + China Glaze Dorothy Who? + Nfu Oh 39

Hi ladies!

I was going through my pictures and found something I was planning to show you months ago. Oops! Well, let´s do it now then. Remember I layered China Glaze Dorothy Who over Orly Witch´s Blue? Before I took it of I wanted to see what Nfu Oh 39 (which is a blue and green flakie in a clear base) would look like on top of that mani, so I tried it. And guess what, it was pretty awesome :-D

Here are the pictures

I like the blue and green together!

What do you think ladies? Is this an overkill of layering or do you like it too?

Thanks for visiting!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I like it! I'm a fan of layering, and you've chosen three polishes here that go really well together.

  2. prachtig! ik heb witch's blue ook, in een mini versie. nog niet geprobeerd, moet ik toch maar eens doen!

  3. @ Renate
    Dank je wel!

    @ KarenD
    Yes, they do combine well. I like layering as well, but you've probably noticed that :-)

    @ Lois
    Zeker doen! Echt wel een mooi kleurtje blauw.