dinsdag 21 december 2010

Nicole by OPI Leave Me Alone, no, it's not me


Today I have a polish for you that actually is quite disappointing. Just a few weeks ago I found some swatches of this one and in each picture it showed duochrome, so of course I had to have it, hahaha. When it arrived I was already getting less excited, hardly any duochrome visible in the bottle. This is a discontinued and very hard to find polish, so it wasn't the cheapest to get.
And then the day came that I wanted to try it out, like a week ago now. The duochrome just isn't there and to me it's sort of a plain bronze shimmer. Looks truly boring on me. Oh well, they can not all be winners, right?! It does look like leafs in autumn, maybe on some girls this looks better, but for me, no... straight into my swap drawer.

But then something strange happened. I decided I did need to take pictures and when I put them on my computer I saw duochrome. How´s that possible?? I mean, I take all my pictures with my cell phone and now it shows the duochrome I was looking for all day. It´s not huge, it´s just a slight duochrome, but it is visible on camera.

Well, this is Nicole by OPI Leave Me Alone 2 coats
Excuse the tipwear.

I like it better in the pictures than in real live.
Well, that´s all for today. Thanks for stopping by!!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i"ll swap for it

  2. Im doing a program on my blog for colors you dont like. Check it out!

  3. @ peripatetic33
    I´m not sure anymore if I want to swap it after seeing the pictures, but will definitely let you know if I will swap.

    @ Toesthattwinkle
    I can´t find it on your blog...

  4. Too bad it didn't live up to your expectations! I hate it when that happens :(
    However, I still think that it is a very pretty and interesting color !