donderdag 2 december 2010

Comparison dark holo shades

Goodmorning ladies!

Last night I went to a concert of Shakira. My daughter has been a fan since she was 3 years old. My sister learned her how to dance like Shakira when she was 5 or something. I promissed her that whenever Shakira would come to the Netherlands and she would be big enough, we would go.
Together with my sister the three of us had a great time. My daughter was pretty impressed by everything going on. And of course by Shakira. It was great to see her enjoying everything!!

Well, on to nail polish. Today I´ve got a comparison for you. I´ve read that people say that Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm and Color Club Revvvolution are very close. Since I recently got Chainmail Charm in a swap I thought it would be nice to make a comparison. Another dark holo I received in another swap is Bloom Mena, so I used that too in the comparison.

Index and pinkie = 2 coats of Color Club Revvvolution
Middle = 2 coats of Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm
Ring = 1 coat of Bloom Mena

As you can see non of them are dupes. Not even close actually. Revvvolution is charcoal, Chainmail Charm is dark brown and Mena is black. They don´t really seem that holo in the pictures, but they are just not like OPI Desinger Series or China Glaze Kaleidoscopes. The least amount of holo you see in Mena, but maybe I can franken it a little with some China Glaze OMG in it. I´m not sure yet. The other 2 I like very much and I´m happy they are not dupes!

Which of these 3 is your favorite?

Have a great day!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. ze lijken echt heel veel op elkaar..
    mooie kleurtjes..
    vind zelf de middelvinger het mooist!!

  2. I heard that there are/were two or more versions of both chainmail charm and revvvvolution. Some of them are more holographic and some are less/not even remotly holographic

  3. @ Renate
    Ze hebben wel wat van elkaar weg, maar toch wel heel verschillend. Veel meer dan ik had verwacht.

    @ amusedPolish
    Yes, I´ve heard that too. But mine are holographic. Somehow it seems hard nowadays to get a good holo. The remakes of Revvvolution, Chainmail Charm and also OPI MPJ seem to fail

  4. I think it may be because of an inconsistency of the pigments.... I know Diamond Cosmetics is working on it and maybe Color Club too- the only one who denies it, is opi (somehow I can picture suzi siting on her desk, covering her ears and summing something so she doesn't hear the complains of the "new" and "old" MPJ- like a little child ;) )

  5. Thanks for the comparison! Waaay different =) From what I remembered, my version of CC is crazy-holo. I really have to wear it again!

  6. CC has my preference!! *puts on my wishlist*

    But all 3 are pretty. I have a weakness for dark polishes :D

  7. haha grappig
    the polished perfectionist...had vandaag een swatch van Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm
    vind die helemaal geweldig!!
    toen las ik dat jij die hier ook geswatched had...
    ik kijken was het de middelvinger..
    die ik in mijn 1e bericht ook het mooiste vond!!
    mijn vraag...waar heb je die gekocht??

  8. @ amusedPolish
    It´s really annoying how Suzi handles these things. How can she deny this? It is so obvious. Why can´t she be honest, it´s not that difficult.

    @ AmyGrace
    Just saw your post and can´t believe how different it looks from mine. But I´m happy about it, since yours looks almost the same color as Revvvolution and than I would have another dupe ;-)

    @ Priemgirl
    Yes, I like dark holos as well!!

    @ Renate
    Diamond Cosmetics is als het goed is gewoon te koop bij
    Zelf heb ik ´m in een swap gehad.

  9. The polished-perfectionist pointed me to you for this comparison. Very helpful, thanks!