zaterdag 18 december 2010

Zoya Julieanne


Man, it has been busy weeks! I´m so glad my daughter has a two week holiday now, maybe I can catch some extra sleep over the next 2 weeks.

Today´s NOTD post is about Zoya Julieanne. About 6 weeks ago or so I showed you Accessorize Purple Passion and I really think these are dupes. Will do a comparison soon. I´ve also read that Orly Out Of This World is a dupe. I really has been the year of the dupes. Why make a new sort of finish and then make all the same colors? I still don´t get it. I mean I get it when a cheap brand like Essence makes a copy, but Zoya and OPI and Orly and Mac, I don´t get it.

Well, let´s have a look at Julieanne. It´s a really dark purple with lighter purple glitter/shimmer. It´s definitely not my favorite Zoya, but I do like it! And on my short nails I only needed 1 coat.

Horrible pictures! Tipwear, not a steady shot, hardly see it´s purple. No I´m not satisfied. Oh well, that´s what happens when you use your cell phone to make pictures. It is still better than my stupid camera, but sometimes I just can´t get a good picture. The tipwear is my mistake, I forgot to make pictures while it still looked good and when I was about to take it off because of the tipwear I realized I hadn´t photographed it yet.
So I apologize! Hopefully better pictures tomorrow.

Do you like Zoya Julieanne? I did see it made it to the Top 20 of some ladies on MUA. It doesn´t make mine, but I do like it, but not love.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back here tomorrow!

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