zondag 19 december 2010

Funky Fingers Bella´s Boy over Nicole by OPI It´s Up To You

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Today I want to show you a polish from the eBay store I recently mentioned (prettythingsforyouandme). I promissed to show you a polish that is hard to find. Ok, maybe not for some US ladies, but I hardly ever see this brand on blogs, so I assume it´s not just at any drugstore. I´m talking about Funky Fingers.

Funky Fingers is from the Forsythe Cosmetic Group. Other brands FCG has are Color Club, Massini/Studio M and Cosmetic Arts. Most of you probably already figured that out, since they make quite a few of the same colors:
Funky Fingers bourbon street = Color Club wild and willing
Funky Fingers kenyan sunset = Color Club wild at heart = Funky Fingers jester
Funky Fingers hyper = Massini fast play

And sometimes even with the same names:
Color Club magic attraction = Massini magic attraction
Color Club tru passion = Massini tru passion
Funky Fingers snakeskin = Color Club snakeskin
Funky Fingers fashion addict = Color Club fashion addict = Massini fashion addict

I don´t know anything yet about Cosmetic Arts, since it seems to be a quite new brand (correct me if I´m wrong)

The polish I´m showing you today is one I´ve definitely seen in a Massini bottle as well, but since both Massini and Funky Fingers seem to bring out their polishes named "Promo Shades" quite frequently at first and then name it later, I have no clue what the name of the Massini is.
Bella´s Boy is sort of the blue/green version of Massini Fast Play, which I totally love. It has some kind of flakie/glitter. Pretty cool and unique (well, accept for the dupes within Forsythe Cosmetic Group)

This is 2 coats of Funky Fingers Bella´s Boy over 2 coats Nicole by OPI It´s Up To You

You see the gorgeous gold flakies/glitters that change to blue and green? Awesome!
It´s Up To You is a medium blue shimmer with a slight purple flash. The purple flash was of course impossible to catch on camera, but I still wanted to show you the Nicole on it´s own as well.
2 coats.

Well, that´s all for today. Hope you enjoyed it. Sometimes I like to give some extra info on polishes too, I hope you appreciate that as well.

Thanks for reading!

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