woensdag 1 december 2010

Barielle Falling Star


How are you all doing today? Can you believe it´s already the first of december? I can´t, it´s just all going so fast.

Today I´ve got my very first Barielle polish to show you. I got this recently together with Elle´s Spell. I have to say that they are both really gorgeous!!
The one I´m showing you here is Falling Star. This a medium blue creme with orange glitter. This is truly unique! Haven´t seen anything like this before. But I do think it´s pretty easy to franken this. Take a blue creme like Essie Mesmerize or Illamasqua Force and put orange glitter in it.

Since it wasn´t a sunny day when I wore this, it was really really hard to take a good picture. I shot about 50 pics and only found 1 good enough to make it to my blog.

This is 3 coats with SV (which I´m always a little scared to use because sometimes it gives shrinkage, but I was lucky this time).

I think in sunshine the glitter will really light up more, but I like it anyway. And quality is really good! I had this on for almost 3 days without any tipwear! Can you believe it? I have tipwear within 12 hours normally.

Do you have any recs for other Barielle shades that I should really get?


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  1. ohh dat ken ik...veel nagellak wil nu niet mooi op de foto!!
    dit is een mooie foto met een mooie nagellak!!