donderdag 16 december 2010

China Glaze Meteor Shower + a fantastic eBay store

Hi ladies!

Last week I ordered from this eBay store:
I think it was my best eBay experience ever!! First of all they have great polishes and some VHTF stuff too. They ship international for 15 dollars for 6 bottles, not too bad. But what surprised me most was how quick it arrived. I paid my order on saturday, it was shipped on sunday and it came in on tuesday. 2 days!!! From USA to The Netherlands. How´s that even possible? Communication was great too! They kept me posted about every step of the way and very nice.
So I would definitely recommend this eBay store. So have a look and see for yourself what pretties they have.

The polish I´m showing you today is one that came in this order. This is not hard to find yet. I´ll show you one of the hard to finds later.
China Glaze Meteor Shower is a very dark blue/navy polish with chunky multicolored/holo glitter. I actually had this before, but I swapped it. I had trouble applying it and I hated the chunky glitter. But it is so pretty! So I bought it again. And it looks great on my new nubbins!

This is 2 coats with 2 coats of SV (and I still think it could need a third coat of SV)

I seriously hate how my cuticles and hands look! I´ve tried everything to make it better, but nothing seems to help. Or maybe it does help and it would be even worse if I wouldn´t have tried everything, haha.
Anyway, I hope it doesn´t bother you to much and you will keep reading my blog and look at the pretty polishes. Maybe it´s time to learn how to handle photoshopping...

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I own this polish too..........but I can't apply it. argh!! it makes me so angry. I want to love it but it's just goooopy. I mean I own atlantis and electric lilac and they both apply way better.why is this so goopy. is this bottle as goopy as your old bottle?

  2. Yes, this is just as goopy and I still don't like application of this one, but I'm more capable of handling it now. And I think I will use some Seche Restore to get it a little thinner.

  3. Thank you for sharing and awesome mani!!

  4. Hey, I bought some polishes from that shop a while ago, they ship fast, I like!
    You know, I'm not a big fan of full on glitter polishes, but the colour is gorgeous!

  5. @ rock-or-not
    Thank you! Yes, I like to share some info as well every once in a while. Good to know it´s appreciated!

    @ nail crazy
    Thanks, it is!

    @ AmyGrace
    Yes, they are great! Imagine how surprised I was, hahaha, so fast!

  6. Very pretty! Some polishes are worth the struggle.

    Thanks for the recommendation of that eBay seller; it's so hard to know who's good over there.

  7. @ KarenD
    I agree!! And this is definitely one that worth it.
    Have to say that I never had any real problems with nail polish sellers on eBay, but this one was exceptionally good!

  8. I swapped this one away, to KarenD, actually, in one of my first swaps! but I want it again. It's lovely with that turquoise glitter, and I've become a huge blue lover. I used to be on a 90% green phase, but now it's all about blue. :D I've purchased from that seller a lot, and I've always been pleased too.

  9. @ faerieberry
    Haha, same as me. Swapped it and want it back :D
    I liked blue from the start, and I´m liking green more and more every day now.