woensdag 22 december 2010

Sinful I Love You


Today I decided to use a Sinful polish since I haven´t used them a lot yet. In the US this is almost the cheapest brand you can get, but they do have some nice colors! I especially love Daddy´s Girl. But also All About You and the one I´m showing you today I Love You.

I did a comparison with purple polishes with glitter in them a while ago and used this one too. This was actually the only one that was really different from all the others. Here´s the link if you´d like to take a look:

I used 3 coats, since it is kind of sheer, but very sparkly.

In real life this is a lot brighter and lighter and more red toned purple. Since the sun doesn´t want to shine anymore or something, it´s really difficult to get decent pictures. Oh well, just take a look at the comparison, you get a better idea of what this color is supposed to look like.

Only 3 days till christmas. Have you decided yet what your mani is going to be? I did try a few different things last week and I know what it´s going to be now.

Enjoy your day!

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