maandag 6 december 2010

Looking for interesting and affordable imageplates?

Just today I found out about a lady that sells imageplates for reasonable prices.

We all know about the regular Konad imageplates but they cost 5 euro each, not that cheap, considering they don´t have a lot of images on each plate.
Then most of you have heard about the Bundlemonster plates. You can buy them through Amazon. They are cheap, low shipping too. I remember paying around 19 euro (including shipping) or something for the complete set of about 20 plates. But the full nail images are actually a bit small, they don´t completely fit on my nails.
Then there´s ChezDelany who sells lots of imageplates in the A-, B-, H- series, prices are ok. But at you can also get the A-series and now with a special december offer they only cost 15 euro for 5 plates. You can choose whatever you like. And the more you buy, the cheaper it gets!
Here´s a list of prices:

December sale prices:
5 for 15,- euro.
10 for 29,- euro.
15 for 43,- euro.
20 for 57,- euro.
25 for 71,- euro.
30 for 85,- euro.
35 for 99,- euro.
40 for 113,- euro.

Prices after december sale:
3,75 euro per image plate.
10 for 35 euro.
20 for 65 euro.
40 for 120 euro.

I´ve just ordered 5 and paid 1,76 euro for shipping. Not bad! She also accepts paypal and will ship international too.
She also sells water decals. I´m not into that so go check it out yourself. And she´s planning to get her home-made imageplates up for sale soon. You can take a look at her blog for examples.

And don´t forget about my giveaway:

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