vrijdag 17 december 2010

Icing Peacock

Hello ladies!

Today I´m showing you a polish that I recently got in a swap as an extra. This came from Cat aka Faerieberry. I had never even seen this polish in swatches but it shows how well she knows my taste. I love it, thanks Cat! I always have trouble finding a nice extra for a swap, it´s difficult to figure out someone else´s taste. But Cat did a great job once again.
It´s a teal leaning green with a pink flash/duochrome. It´s unlinke anything I´ve seen before, so truly unique. You don´t see many polishes from the brand Icing on blogs unfortunately, would love to see more, maybe they have more of these awesome shades.
The only polish that comes to mind when I look at this is Zoya Adina, although that´s purple with a green flash/duochrome.

Here is Icing Peacock, 3 coats.

I had a hard time capturing the pink flash, but you can see it very good in real life and also in the bottle. Yes, I really like this shade.

Can anyone tell me why the bottles of the Icing polishes are exactly the same as China Glaze bottles? I´ve read somewhere that they are not from the same company, but looking at the bottles I really doubt that.

So, do you like this shade? Isn´t this just one very unique shade?

Thanks for watching!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat mooi! Ziet er heel apart uit :D

  2. Yay! I'm glad Peacock suits you!

    Savina uses the same bottles too, but I don't think they are related. Icing makes many interesting colors. I am really loving most all of their teal shades. Marine Blue, Roger That, and Dark & Stormy are some favorites.


  3. The new OPI "Not LIke The Movies" from the Katy Perry line is almost identical save for the shimmer in the OPI one.