maandag 6 december 2010

Hard Candy Mr.Wrong versus Sally Hansen Purple Gala


Another week has begun. And it´s comparison time again. This time I´ve got Hard Candy Mr.Wrong and Sally Hansen Purple Gala for you. I already knew these are close, but I wanted them both anyway.

First the pictures, both 3 coats.

Index and ring = Hard Candy Mr.Wrong
Middle and pinkie = Sally Hansen Purple Gala

They both have the gold (which you don´t really see in the pictures, bummer) and silver glitter in it that makes it foily. But the base of Sally Hansen is much more purple than the base of Mr.Wrong, which is more of a dark grey base. No dupes. Both very nice shades!! I do think I like the Sally Hansen a little better though.

Have a nice day!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. 2 super mooie lakjes..
    maar ik vind Sally Hansen Purple Gala net iets mooier!!

  2. Deze lijkt een beetje op NFU OH 68.. die ik heb. Hij is wel mooi!
    x0x0 Tessa

  3. @ Renate
    Ik ook hoor.

    @ Tessa
    Nfu 68 heb ik ook, mooi is die he!, maar die is toch wel heel anders hoor, veel lichter ook en heeft geen gouden glitter erin.