woensdag 8 september 2010

Purple glitter comparison

Goodmorning to you all!

Today I´ve got a nice comparison for you. Last monday I sorted out my complete stash. Swatched a lot and made comparisons to see if I had dupes. Didn´t even had that much dupes actually, but did find some colors that I didn´t like on the nail after all.

Todays comparison is about dark purple glitter polishes. My favorites! Well, next to duochromes, holographics and flakies ;-)

Thumb to pinkie: Sinful daddy´s girl, Sinful I love you, Zoya mimi, Collistar viola glitter, LA Girl groupie. None of them are dupes.
As you can see very clearly Sinful I love you is a completely different shade. As for the other 4, they all have different colors of glitter. Groupie has blue glitter, Viola glitter has pink glitter, Mimi has purple glitter and Daddy´s girl has pink and blue and is more of a jelly polish.

When I wanted to put all of these back in my Helmer I found another purple glitter polish. Didn´t want to do all of it all over again and can only show you 5 fingers at the time of course, haha. So I chose the polish that was closest to it and compared the 2 to each other.

The last picture is a little blurry to show you the glitter even better

Well, these are definitely dupes!
On the left Milani totally cool and on the right is Collistar viola glitter. The only difference is that the Milani needed one coat more. I can´t have dupes in my stash, I already own more than enough polishes, so one of them has to go and of course I´ll keep the one that needs less coats.

Which of the above is your favorite? Do you like these kind of polishes as much as I do? I think I love them all!!

If you have any requests on comparisons, you can contact me. I like doing these, so just let me know.

Have a nice day!!

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