zondag 13 maart 2011

3 New Beauties

Hi everyone!

Finally!! I got some Lippmann's in the beautiful bottles!! I already had 2 Lippmann's, but they are the small bottles, which don't have the beautiful shape of the full size bottles.

Here they are, left to right: Lady Sings the Blues, Across the Universe, Don't Tell Mama

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 I got these from eBay at a very good and affordable store. They sell Lippmann for $14,70 and $16,60, which is very reasonable. And their shipping fee is amazingly low. I got charged $5,24 for 3 bottles!! Wow! Shipping took way too long in my opinion. I bought these on the 18th of february and they were shipped on the 6th of march (but arrived on the 11th, which is quite ok). I think sellers should always ship within 3 days and if they can´t make it they should at least let you know something came up. But ok, I´m happy with my polishes!!
Here's a link to their eBay store if you are a patient person:

Will make swatches for you as soon as possible. And a comparison between LStB and AtU. I was actually looking for a comparison between these 2, but couldn't find it and eventually decided to take both.

Well, maybe you´ve noticed, I´ve reached 250 followers. Wow! I actually never expected that to happen when I started my blog last august. Of course I want to celebrate so I will do a giveaway as promised, but I have to wait a few more days, since not all of the goodies are here yet.

Have a nice day!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice!! i dont own any Lippmanns.
    You bought great colors :)

  2. @ Deborah
    Je kunt jezelf natuurlijk een keer trakteren met een mooie Lippmann als je no-buy over is :-)

    @ Linnie
    Dank je wel! Heb ze op een wiel geswatcht en Don´t Tell Mama valt een beetje tegen. Maar daar later meer over, haha