zaterdag 19 maart 2011

LeChat Simply You

Hi ladies!

I want to start with apologizing to all of you. I promised you a giveaway and it's still not here. The problem is that I ordered something at Transdesign which actually was here on wednesday, but I wasn't at home to receive the package. A while ago the big post office closed and package that can't be delivered go to a super markete where you can pick them up. The thing is that the ladies who work there make a mess of all the packages and never seem to find anything. They say it's the mistake of the delivery guy, but I never had trouble when they still brought the packages to the post office, so I'm sure it's the unfriendly and messy ladies from the supermarket who are to blame. Well, I am sorry it takes so long, but at least you know now why. Please be patient, hopefully I'll have it listed on monday.

Today I´ve got something very special. Well, that means, in my opinion it is special. I had never heard about this brand (LeChat). The color can be described best as Urban Decay Bruise, but instead of the green shimmer, it is a blue shimmer. And since I didn´t have anything like that in my stash yet and also not the brand, it is special to me. Thanks Cat for getting me this!

It is a bit sheer though and probably would be better with an extra layer, but I was afraid it would get too dark then, so I decided to be satisfied with 3 coats. It dried really really fast and the formula wasn´t runny, so I´m happy, eventhough it´s a 3 coater.

Here she is. First 2 pictures in artificial light, second 2 pics in daylight (no sun)

So, it is a wine red/purple color with a blue flash. Pretty awesome, right?!

Do any of you know any other cool colors from LeChat that I should get? And maybe an idea what the best place is to get them from?

Thanks for watching and enjoy your weekend!

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