zondag 6 maart 2011

Precision Twilight


When my swap pal told me she had a dupe for China Glaze Grape Crush for me, I was really excited! Have been looking for Grape Crush for like forever and can´t find it. I have seen it on eBay some times, but always for at least 25 dollars or it was a seller that didn´t want to ship to the Netherlands. But now I have a dupe, although I don´t have the real deal to compare it with. But I´m very happy with it.

Precision Twilight is a grape purple with holo micro glitter. Of course it was horrible for me to catch it on camera, but I did what I could to make it appear a bit. Application was good, absolutely no complaints there.

Here are the pics. 2 coats of Twilight.

Love! Ok, use your imagination for the glitter. All the glitter parts you see are holographic. And excuse my horrible skin and cuticles, I was swatching and with all the remover my hands start hating me.
I actually had never heard of this brand before and haven´t found swatches of any of their other colors either. Do any of you know any other pretty colors from this brand?

Thanks for watching!

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  1. It looks really nice with your skin. I had swatched a bit of Grape Crush on paper so you could compare the two, but I forgot to mail it! They look one shade off in the bottle, but after two coats, I think they are nearly identical.

    The only other color from Precision that stands out to me is U Rock & I Roll. It's a charcoal grey creme that looks very dark, but next to black it looks obviously grey and subdued.