donderdag 3 maart 2011

Finger Paints Art You Blue + sparkles


How are you all doing? Today I´ve got one of the Finger Paints polishes that Cat sent me. It´s a very special blue shade leaning a bit to grey. Love it. Application was really good and I really like the brush on Finger Paints.

This is 2 coats (and yes, it´s hard to capture its true color so after making pictures I only found one that was color accurate)

I really like this shade, but I wanted some sparkles as well, since the sun was shining (yay!)

A while ago I got some Pure Ice layering polishes. Here´s Spit Fire over Art You Blue

Spit Fire is a bit chunky, but it has some very nice holo glitter in it. Nice combo!

Thanks for stopping by!

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