woensdag 23 maart 2011

Gosh Gasoline


I thought it was about time I´d show you Gosh Gasoline since I am a total purple lover and this is a brand which is actually sold here in stores. Although I have to confess that I hardly ever buy any polish in stores. Whenever I look around in drugstores I just can´t believe how expensive most stuff is. The only 2 brands that are really cheap are Essence and Catrice, but I don´t really like either of them. Essence has a bad formula and the bottles are so small and Catrice just doesn´t have amazing colors in my opinion. Gosh has a few nice colors, but come on, 7 euro for 10ml!! That really is ridiculous, especially since they don´t have a great formula or a huge variety in shades. Other brands like Herome and Koh are also way overpriced. So I almost always shop online.

But today I´ve got Gasonline for you. Since this is totally sheer and I guess it needs about 4 coats to be opaque and then it just doesn´t dry, I used 1 coat of OPI Funky Dunkey first. After this I applied 2 coats of Gasoline and a topcoat. I really like the result!

What do you think? Looks nice huh? The great purple with blue glitter/shimmer. The second picture isn´t all that great, but I liked how you can the gorgeous blue sparkles.

Thanks for watching!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Im a sucker for purples! but purples with sparkles makes me melt :) cute mani!

  2. @ Manicured Monkey
    Ah, thank you so much!! And always nice to meet another purple addict :-)