woensdag 16 maart 2011

Across The Universe vs Lady Sings The Blues


As promised last sunday I´ve got the comparison of 2 Lippmanns for you today. I´ve been searchind for this comparison a long time but couldn´t find them. Of course I knew they are different, but I couldn´t decide which one I like better. I think the best way to decide that is by seeing them side by side. So if any of you ladies want to choose between these 2 beauties, stay tuned!

Here´s the picture. Only one, because the weather wasn´t sunny so I didn´t manage to make more decent pictures.

Excuse the horrible skin and cuticles...

Index and ring = Lady Sings The Blues
Middle and pinkie = Across The Universe

They both have glitter and hex glitter. ATU in blue and green/teal and LSTB in blue and silver. Their base colors look very similar, but ATU is less ink if you understand what I mean. The base is also different in finish, ATU is a sheer jelly and needs at least 3 coats (which I did in the pictures) and LSTB seems like a creme base, but dried matte and is almost opaque in 1 coat (but I used 2 for the swatch). Since LSTB dried matte I used a topcoat for this swatch. Application was very good on both of them, the brush is great! No clean up at all!!

Normally I´m not a huge fan of hex glitter, but I really like both shades. Even after seeing them side by side I´m still not sure if I can decide which one is the best. I think I like Lady Sings The Blues a teeny tiny bit better.

Which of these 2 is your favorite?

Thanks for watching!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice comparisment, I think ATU looks best :)

  2. Across The Universe, definitely! I don't like chunky glitter, but this one is so unique, love it!

  3. thank you sooo much for this! i have across the universe, but i swear based on your pics it looks more like lady sings the blues =( i like across the universe in your pics more.