donderdag 3 februari 2011

Bad pictures, sorry, but an awesome color!

Hello dear readers!

Today I´ve got a polish that I just recently found out it even excists. How come I didn´t know? I mean, it is so me. Probably because no one has ever wrote about it. And while shooting pictures I know why no one posted about it.... It´s absolutely impossible to even get decent pictures, let alone awesome pictures. Well, I still wanted to write about it, because it really is awesome. It´s a medium blue with holographic glitter and string glitter. But in the pictures the glitter and string glitter seem to sink into the polish, grrr, hate that! Application was good as always with the Xtreme Wear polishes from Sally Hansen.

So here are the horrible pics of 2 coats of Sally Hansen Cosmic Blue

I even used my flash in an attempt to show its beauty, something I hardly ever do, but still no luck.

Ok, from my discription, what do you think? Doesn't it just sound awesome? Well, I can tell you, it really is!!

Have a great day!

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