zondag 20 februari 2011

Holo konadicure

Hello ladies!

Yesterday I showed you a pretty awesome silver holo. Since I really didn't want to take it of just yet and it was still sunny (huray, 2 days of sun in a row!) I decided to do a holo konad thing. So on top of Ozotic 618 (a silver holo) I used Color Club Revvvolution and stamped an image from huge plate A21. These A series imageplates are really big. Not only the size of the imageplate but also the size of the images. This means that even if you have long nails, you don't have to double stamp.

Here's the result.

And because of all the holo you can hardly see the image, haha, so I made a picture for you without direct light.

I think it´s about time I file my nails down again, they are really getting too long, I like them better a bit shorter

Thanks for stopping by!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi!! En ik heb dat ook vaker, ga ik oude blogposts bekijken en dan vind ik wat korter bij mezelf toch mooier :)
    Denk dat iets korter jou ook beter staat!

  2. That's a gorgeous manicure!!! :D looks like a rock pool!! love it!!

  3. That's pretty cool. At first glance it looks like a topographic map!

  4. Thank you all very much ladies!

    @ Linnie
    Ja, heb ze dus inderdaad maar gekortwiekt :D Op kort staat alles mooi, met lang heb ik dat minder.