zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Claire´s mini glitter polishes

Hi ladies!

Recently I went to Amsterdam and found a Claire´s shop. Nice! I did find out that they didn´t have the gorgeous polishes that american ladies buy at their Claire´s, but they did have some nice stuff. I bought a mini set of glitter polishes, all without a name. Last week I swatched them for you.

These are all 3 coats.
First up the purple, red, blue and pink.

The red and pink were pretty opaque after 3 coats, but the blue and especially the purple could have used a 4th coat. The colors are pretty nice though!

Next up the gold and silver.

I think I even like these more than the colors.

All together I think this is a nice set of 6 mini polishes. But I just wish Claire´s would sell the same stuff as they do in the US.

Have a nice weekend!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice sparkly polishes in great colors :)
    I wish we had more Claire's ánd that they'd sell the same :P

  2. Thanks!! I think I will wear the silver and gold combo some day as a full mani :-)