zondag 6 februari 2011

OPI Midnight Blue Glitter

Hi dear readers!

This morning I actually have time to do some swatching. Yay! The only problem is that I want to swatch stuff that hasn´t arrived yet... Yesterday the mail man came to my door with 2 packages. Yes, 2! And I´m really excited about these 2 packages. But I wasn´t home at the time. Bummer!! Since I will be working tomorrow, I have to wait until tuesday for the new polishes. Oh well, you will see them soon. Will swatch some other stuff that´s still untried then.

A while ago I did a comparison with OPI Midnight Blue Glitter and Zoya Kotori, but a realized I never wore them on their own. From swatching I remembered Midnight Blue Glitter was very sheer so I used a charcoal base. China Glaze Awaken seemed a good choice, fast drying and charcoal and opaque in 1 coat. After Awaken I applied 2 coats of Midnight Blue Glitter. MBG is a blue and silver microglitter in a charcoal jelly base. But I have to say that it looks prettier in the bottle than on the nail. Maybe this is a color that really needs some sunshine. You hardly see the glitter at all, although it is a bit better in daylight. This time it really isn´t the camera that couldn´t capture it, my eyes also couldn´t capture it... I just wish the blue and silver glitter would be a little more visible, that could make this one a true beauty.


Thank you for stopping by!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi :) jammer dat de kleur niet helemaal tot zn recht komt. Stom winterweer!

  2. @ Linnie
    Ik was behoorlijk underwhelmed zeg maar, haha. Heb net de oude foto´s terug gekeken en zonder een ander kleurtje eronder vind ik ´m veel mooier. Maar ja, 4 lagen is me toch wat te veel van het goede, haha.

  3. Midnight Blue Glitter is (was) een van mijn "lemmings" maar ik ben heel erg blij dat ik jou swatches heb gezien. Ik denk dat ik dit lakje van mijn "wishlist" ga halen.

  4. The polish doesn't look shiny in the photos. Or, is it supposed to be a semi-matte? I like the colors as they are so deep! :)

  5. @ Silke
    Fijn dat ik je erbij kon helpen, hihi.

    @ Kimberly
    Sorry for my late reply. It is actually not matte or semi-matte. Very strange how it turned out, especially since I used SV...