maandag 14 februari 2011

Bloom Mena


Happy Valentine´s Day! I don´t have a Valentine´s mani, but I figured you would see enough of them on other blogs today ;-)

I know I´ve shown you this polish before in a comparison, but never on its own. The idea of this polish is pretty awesome, black with holographic glitter. In direct light (and I don´t mean just regular daylight) you can see the holo glitter, but without that you only see a plain black polish. The good thing is that it is opaque in just one coat. But I´m not sure if this is a keeper.

Here are the pictures taken very close to a lamp.

I do think Blogger makes the pictures a bit dull. When I was editting the pics the holo glitter was a lot more visible and now you can hardly see it at all.

Enjoy your day!

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