vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Konad with China Glaze Admire

Hello ladies!

I realized I hadn´t shown you a konad creation in a while now. And since I recently got the new Essence imageplates I decided to give you some konad today. The stupid thing is that each time I use stamping nail art I get reminded how much I like it. Why don´t I use it more often?? I´ve got lots of images that I have never used.

Well, ok, so finally some konad again, yay! I used China Glaze Admire to do the stamping. Now I can almost hear you thinking: "Isn´t that a pink polish?" And the answer is: yes. I´m still looking for a perfect light purple metallic polish to stamp with, something as pigmented as Romantique and Khrome collection from ChG, but I haven´t found it yet, so for now a light pink will do.
Oh, and I used yesterday´s Eggplant Frost to stamp on.

Well, ok, I´m still not great at stamping. But from a distance you don´t see all my flaws :-)

Till tomorrow!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ohh, checker nails, I like! =) I really have to use my stamping stuffies more often, it's fun!

  2. @ AG
    Yes, you should really do that! I mean with your skills konad would look even more amazing.

    @ Diana
    Yes, isn't it just awesome to stamp with? Just like the rest of the Romantique and Khrome collection