dinsdag 1 februari 2011

OPI ds Diamond

Hi girls!

I know I´ve showed you DS Diamond before, but it´s just such a beautiful color! After Orly Rage from yesterday, I was pretty lazy. I didn´t feel like removing it first, but did want something else. Since there has been quite some sun recently, I wanted a holo polish. So I applied one coat of DS Diamond over Rage. And it turns out Rage is good underwear. Nice!

Here are the pictures.

I love colors like this, holos that are different colored from the standard holo polishes. This is no acception. It´s not grey/silver and it´s not lilac/purple either. And you can easily wear it to any occasion.
What´s your favorite holo polish? Next to this I also love DS Glamour, Nubar Gem, ChG Let´s Do It In 3D and of course all purple holos :P

Enjoy your day!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. What is there not to love! Holo makes a mani come to life :)

  2. That looks so beautiful! It's such an unusual shade for a holographic polish.. awesomecakes! ^^
    My favourite holo of all time is DS Glamour, but Wild at Heart, Chainmail Charm, #666 and #674 from Catherine Arley also have a special place in my heart :o)