zaterdag 26 februari 2011

Comparison between 2 old OPI´s

Hi there!

Today I've got kind of an unusual comparison for you. The 2 of them don't look alike at all in the bottles. But since I swatched them on a nailwheel next to eachother and both over black, they did look quite a lot the same. So that's why I did the comparison.

First a bottle shot

And now on to the comparison.
Index = 3 coats Sugarplum Yum
Middle = 3 coats Merryberry Mauve
Ring = 1 coat Zoya Raven + 1 coat Sugarplum Yum
Pinkie = 1 coat Zoya Raven + 1 coat Merryberry Mauve

As you can see they really do look a lot alike layered over black. Ok, they are really different on their own, of course that was to be expected looking at the bottles.
Merryberry Mauve is some sort of a dusty rose pink and Sugarplum yum is a soft lavender blue with a very strong pink flash/duochrome.
Both are very sheer, that's probably why I layered them on the wheel in the first place. Even after 3 layers you can still see through your nail, although you won't see the vnl.

Thanks for watching!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice comparison! I have stinky and indeed very sheer Merryberry as well, haven't used it in ages but I should try layering it sometime too :) The other one is also lovely!

  2. Nice comparison =) Sugarplum Yum is really really pretty!

  3. Thank you ladies!

    @ Shiny
    Ik heb Merryberry Mauve eigenlijk na deze comparison meteen in mijn swap la gezet, haha. Zo bijzonder vind ik ´m toch ook weer niet.

    @ KarenD
    You´re welcome! LOL, yes it is interesting, but for me it was mostly for the difference over black