donderdag 16 september 2010

Australian pretties


Yesterday my swap package from Elizabeth finally arrived. Not that it took that long, but I´m very impacient and was really excited about what I was getting, so it seemed like forever to arrive at my doorstep, haha.

All Australian pretties!! Wow! I love them!

From left to right: Bloom jessica mauboy II, Bloom josephine, Bloom bianca, Ozotic 504, Ozotic 505, Ozotic 510

And now I can almost hear you thinking: that´s a PINK holo, she doesn´t like pink...
Well, that´s true, but it gorgeous layered over a blue, purple or black, maybe even dark green.

Elizabeth also sent me a Revlon polish dat is very light lilac with gold shimmer/duochrome. I´m not completely sure it´s my color, but I´ll have to try it first.

Thank you so much Elizabeth!! The Blooms and Ozotics are absolutely stunning!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my, I need to do another Australian swap soon; I see some very lovely ones in this lineup that I don't have--not yet, anyway. :) Looking forward to seeing your swatches of these.

  2. They look amazing, don't they!?! Can't wait to use them! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to wear these colors to work.

  3. Looks like some amazing colors in there. Can't wait to some of them on your nails.

  4. Funny how in the bottle pics JM2 and Bianca look so similar, when on the nail they are totally different! I'm wearing Josephine today myself!