dinsdag 7 september 2010

Jade is the new Black with Nfu Oh 55


About a week and a half ago I found out that had a sale. And since Nfu Oh is quite expensive normally I had to use this chance to get some nail polishes from my wishlist. They make the best flakies!!
Since I have horrible cuticles I just really needed to try the cuticle remover they have.
Yesterday morning the package arrived and the first thing I did was use the cuticle remover. And I have to say that even after using it just once I already see a huge improvement.
So my total order was: 38, 39, 53, 55 and 2x cuticle remover.

Of course I wanted to try out one of the new Nfu Oh´s right away. I noticed 53 and 55 are too sheer to use without any base color. Since I recently received OPI jade is the new black in a swap, I decided to use that as a base and put Nfu Oh 55 over it.

First up is the picture of JITNB on its own

And here it is with 2 coats of Nfu Oh 55 on top of it.
The second picture is not like I wanted it, but couldn´t find enough light anymore to show you the great flakies and decided to take it in my bathroom.
The flakies are orange/gold, very nice!

Do you like Nfu Oh? And what do you think, don´t my cuticles look a lot better already?
I really like the combination, but I´m not quite sure if I´m a green person yet...

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Gorgeous combi!! Heb ik zelf ook al eens gedaan, de kleuren matchen gewoon echt goed :D

    Cuticles look good :D

  2. Ik wist dat ik deze combi al eens ergens gezien had! Sorry Lin, wilde ´m niet van je pikken.

  3. Whut? Pikken? Nee man doe normaal!!! :D
    Tuurlijk mag jij dat ook doen :P Ik heb geen patent op die combinatie ^-^

  4. Ah gelukkig!! Tja, niet iedereen vindt het even fijn als iemand een keer een zelfde combi makt.

  5. Ja, sommige mensen kunnen weinig hebben :D
    Mijn zege heb je haha!

  6. Deze combinatie is echt heel erg mooi!